August - November 2022

Stakeholder Meetings

These are the meetings the representatives of traders, farmers, workers industrialists will meet separately analyze the problems of the Turkish economy in terms of their own sectors. In a three-month period, how these groups view the Turkish economy solution proposals will be determined.

7 January 2023

Comprehending Our Past

Local, convenient economical productions, caring about the purpose of your future business. The principles that will emerge by meeting with agriculture, tourism exhibition, which are directly related to nature, will be of great importance. With the Meeting We Understand Our Past, they will be built on a solid foundation after the war of the Republic of Turkey.

13 January 2023

Reconciling with Each Other

It is a meeting communities with different economic, social cultural characteristics will come together seek answers to the questions of how we can establish govern a country that is more compatible with each other in Turkey of the second century.

20 January 2023

Returning to Nature

It is the meeting to focus on an ecological environment that is necessary to build a solid foundation. The main purpose of the meeting is to demonstrate how to build an economy in harmony with nature in the new era Turkey.

4 February 2023

Foreseeing the Future

In this meeting, which will focus on how the Republic of Turkey will use economic technology in the most efficient way, the answers to be discussed, an economic model will emerge that is compatible with the peoples innovations in use.

February 2023

Economic Congress of the Second Century

Exactly one hundred years after the First Economics Congress, it will be held with the participation of the stakeholders of four groups consisting of traders, farmers, workers industrialists to determine the economic policy of the new era of the Turkish Republic.