First meeting follows the theme of “Embracing Each Other” invites the participants to reflect on the critical message of Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu, the leader of the Republican People’s Party. In this session, alongside experts, representatives from communities with different economic, social, cultural characteristics will come together seek answers to certain questions: How we can establish govern a country that is socially more cohesive?

Democracy is at the heart of all economic organizations. It is not possible to establish strong economies in countries, which does not have strong democracies. In this session, the discussions will aim at revealing how the Republic of Türkiye can have a solid democratic robust economic foundation.

In this meeting, we will gather all ideas, communities, concepts that have contradicted each other in the past century invite them to discuss how differences can be evaluated as a richness rather than a source of conflict. This meeting on “harmony with each other” will seek answers for the prospects of establishing a strong democracy movement that will be the first axis of the Republic of Türkiye’s economic foundation in its second century.