The second important step in the activities of the Economic Congress of the Second Century was taken with the technical workshop the experts of the relevant institutions were invited. Technical workshop meetings, attended by the invited institutions at the executive expert level, were held simultaneously on Wednesday, October 5, 2022.

In the first sessions of the meetings, the participants divided into groups of three, discussed the questions prepared by the congress secretariat prepared written answers. In the second sessions, the spokesperson of each group presented the discussions answers obtained in the first sessions orally to all of the participants. The third sessions were held in the form of forums the participants expressed their contributions suggestions regarding the method content. The mayor of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, Tunç Soyer, who attended all of the meetings, gave a brief address on the purpose content of the Economic Congress of the Second Century informed the attendees on the preparations for the congress.

Farmer group meeting was held in İZTAM (İzmir Agricultural Development Center) in Sasalı. Fifty farmer organizations attended the meeting, forty one of which were physical nine were online.

The discussions in the meetings, in which the institutions participated at the level of managers experts, were mainly shaped around the definition of current problems. Participants had extensive discussions on very important issues for the future of Turkey's agriculture, such as dependency on foreign agriculture, lack of public support, reduction of agricultural lands, climate crisis.

Whereas in the afternoon sessions of the workshops, solutions were proposed for the problem areas identified in the first section, discussions were held regarding the possible medium- long-term trends that various sectors may follow.

After a comprehensive editorial study on the results of the meeting, the final declaration to be prepared by the congress secretariat for each group will be presented to the participating institutions. Once institutions have completed their assessments of the submitted final declarations, the third final phase of sectoral meetings will commence.