The first meeting to be held was the Farmer's Meeting on November 4, 2022 in a historical tobacco warehouse building in Ovacık village of İzmir’s Ödemiş district. Forty eight farmer organizations from different regions of Turkey were present at the meeting. Farmers’ declaration was shared with the public at the end of meeting and broadcasted live on national channels.

The declaration consists of two parts: Principles and decisions. The first chapter has fifteen principles, draws the conceptual framework of the medium- and long-term strategies that should be followed for different sectors of Turkish agriculture. The decisions chapter of the text has been structured within the framework of eight main headings. These are as follows:

1- Creation and Development of Agricultural Resources

2- Product Planning and Irrigation

3- Organization of the Producer

4- Protection of Food Production Areas

5- Sales and Marketing

6- Agricultural Logistics

7- Education and Innovation in Agriculture

8- Rural Tourism

Within the framework of these titles, a total of fifty seven decisions had been opened to the discussion and the draft text was finalized. Annex-1 contains the final version of the text of the declaration prepared by the farmer organizations.

You can reach the first draft of the Farmers' Meeting Declaration here (link).