The Industrialists, Traders, and Artisans Preliminary Meeting was held on August 23, 2022, at the Historical Havagazı Factory Cultural Center in İzmir. Fifty six institutions were represented at the meeting. Employers' organizations, business associations, chambers of commerce and stock exchange, and industrialists' associations participated at the high executive level. Together with the online participants, all regions of Turkey were represented at the meeting.

Similar to other preliminary meetings, the historical legacy, purpose, and method of the congress were shared with the participants in the opening speeches. Later, the representatives shared their opinions. The common emphasis in this meeting was on the inadequacy of R&D and innovation initiatives and the problems of raising a qualified workforce.

Other issues highlighted by the representatives attending the meeting were as follows: Limited state incentives for R&D and innovation, the loss of qualification in formal and vocational education, the exponential increase in brain drain, the inability to adapt to the requirements of digitalization, difficulties of integration into supply chains, the underrepresentation of women in the business world and finally, the erosion of democratic rights and freedoms that breeds negative impact on the investment environment.