Industrialists, Traders, Artisans Meeting was held on December 1, 2002 at Swissotel, Izmir. Sixty two different institutions, including employer organizations such as TÜSİAD, TÜRKONFED, TOBB, İzmir Chamber of Commerce, industrial chambers of many different cities. During a live broadcast, İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Tunç Soyer shared the twenty five fundamental principles of the Industrialists, Traders, Artisans Meeting with the public and broadcasted live on national channels. The declaration consists of two parts, principles and decisions. The first chapter has twenty five principles that sketch out the conceptual framework for the future development of the Turkish business world and investment. The decisions part of the text is structured within the framework of eight main headings. These are as follows:

1- Digitization and Data Management

2- Planning

3- Rejoining Nature

4- Management of Demographic Movements

5- Education

6- Capacity Building

7- Thought Capital and New Professions

8- Next Generation Competitiveness

9- Entrepreneurship

10- International Networks and Tourism

11- Energy

Within the framework of these titles, a total of sixty eight decisions were opened to the discussion and the draft text was finalized. Annex-3 contains the final version of the text of the declaration prepared by the Industrialists, Traders, and Artisans organizations.

You can reach the first draft of the Industrialists, Traders and Artisans Meeting Declaration here (link).