Title of the second meeting is “Perceiving History”. Among four leitmotifs of “circular culture”, this session follows the theme of past. Türkiye is the youngest state established in Anatolia. Many civilizations lived in Anatolia these civilizations became carriers of the Anatolian culture that is alive for thousands of years. 

However, it is hard to claim that this cultural memory has been adequately transferred to new generations. Even though many attempts have been made for rediscovery, many natural, societal, economic values ​​have been forgotten. Moreover, new paradigms have failed to emerge from this forgotten past. Structures such as village institutes established for this purpose were also shut down over time.

Anatolian geography has regions ranging from zero to five thousand meters, many different local economic production forms developed within them. These local, cultural economic productions are of vital importance in determining economic endeavors of the future. In sectors such as agriculture tourism, which are directly dependent on natural conditions, the prospects perspectives that are going to be discussed in this meeting will be of great importance.

After all, it is impossible to foresee the future without knowing the past. Rediscovery reinterpretation of past will be the third axis of the Republic of Türkiye’s economic foundation in its second century.