Third session “Rejoining Nature” will focus on establishing a solid ecological structure for a solid economic foundation. The primary purpose of the meeting is to reveal the foundations of building an economy that is in harmony with nature during the second century of the Republic of Turkey. In this session, experts from Turkey the world on ecology climate crisis will discuss reformulate new economic policies that would prioritize harmony with the nature.

Resources are the base of the economy. However, the very same resources such as air, water, soil, raw materials are also part of the nature. If these resources aren't used concisely, the economy cannot function in the long term. In this respect, the United Nations has already accepted 17 different Sustainable Development Goals, which are being implemented worldwide. Relying on the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations İzmir's pristine culture, the participants of this session will develop economic policy proposals that would be in harmony with nature. This meeting will provide contributions to formulate an economic understanding with ecological foundations.