The second meeting was held by the workers' group on Thursday, November 17, 2022 at the Historical Havagazı Factory Cultural Center. While fifty two trade unions organized in different business lines were represented at the meeting at the executive level, more than eighty invited guests attended the meeting. The declaration of workers meeting, was made public after the meeting and broadcasted live on national channels. The declaration consists of two parts, principles and decisions. The first chapter, which consists of fourteen principles, presents a conceptual framework that will bring the working life in Turkey to fair, egalitarian and democratic regulations under four main headings. These are as follows:

1- Job Security and Union Organization

2- Working Life

3- Employment and Social Policy

4- Special Regulations Regarding Different Sectors

Within the framework of these titles, a total of forty six decisions were taken by the representatives of the institutions and the draft text was finalized. Annex-2 contains the final version of the text of the declaration prepared by the workers' organizations.

You can reach the first draft of the Workers' Meeting Declaration here (link).